Honey Raw - 500g Jar

Honey Raw - 500g Jar

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The honey is sourced from a local beekeeper, residing in Lakeside. Misha Egorov is a student studying in Cape Town and has been a hobbyist beekeeper since 2017, obtaining skills by working closely with commercial beekeepers.   

- Pure, raw unheated honey, heating honey at 50 degrees celsius destroys the natural enzymes, thus decreasing the possible health benefits.
- Our multi-floral honey is produced from the nectar of flowers from suburbs such as Constantia, Tokai, Hout Bay and Zwaanswyk. The closer its produced to you, the greater the health benefits.
- If at some point your honey begins to crystallize, leave it out in the sun for the day in its glass jar to return it to a liquid form.
- Approximately 6 million flowers are visited to produce one 500 gram jar of honey.

- The colour of the honey varies according to what flowers its sourced from.
- If you have any interest in supporting bees and the environment and you have/know of someone that could accommodate at least 2 hives in the back of their garden, contact Misha on 0731636256 and a portion of the honey harvest can be shared.
- Harvests come according to the amount of food available in the area. Typically beekeepers are able to harvest in spring/summer and sometimes Autumn if there are enough Eucalyptus/Gumtrees in the area.
- There is a shortage of food for the honeybees in Cape Town. If you’d like to contribute to the bees scarce food source, plant something that attracts the pollinators such as: Sage, basil, thyme and Lavender.
Indigenous trees of great help: - African Teak, African Wattle, Apple leaf.

- Bottlebrush, Brazilian Pepper and Wild Almond trees are also fantastic for the suburbs, as they supply the bees with thousands of flowers.